The pension at 63 was decided today in the Bundestag. The loser in the power struggle for the pension package is in the end the population – especially the younger contributors. Because these will have to carry hard on the generous pension package in the future. Nevertheless, there are a few winners who can look forward to the pension at 63.

The pension at 63 is the biggest concern of the Federal Minister of Labor Andrea Nahles (SPD) so far. It is anticipated that 200,000 employees will be eligible for employment from 1 July this year. For months, the grand coalition led fierce debates on the details of the pension with 63. In addition, the SPD had a lot of criticism from its own ranks – from Franz Müntefering to old Chancellor Gerhard Schröder – plug in and counter the pessimistic assessments of economic experts. But now the pension package and thus also the pension with 63 decided thing. Nahles said in the Bundestag, the pension package should be “living solidarity as a basic principle of society” strengthened. Markus Kurth of the Alliance 90 / The Greens, however, sees the pension package unjustly dressed in the guise of justice.

Pension with 63: Not given – but earned

Andrea Nahles, with her concern, the pension at 63, likes to be close to the people: “The pension package is packed with very concrete improvements that directly reach the people who have stuck in and strained themselves.” She wanted to give recognition to those who start early work and 45 years have contributed to the pension. That is deserved. With the pension at 63, older people around 1952 can now retire without deductions from the pension – provided they have spent 45 years in statutory pension insurance. For Nahles, the pension will be fairer.

What is justice?

In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, former businessman Bert Rürup questions this notion of justice. For in the next 15 years, both the regular retirement age and the future reference date for early retirement will be gradually increased. From 2029, the non-abattoir pension will be at the age of 65 after 45 years. Rürup asks, therefore, whether the life benefits of a child born around 1952 can be so different from those of later years? Particularly unfair are those who find the tee-off pension at 63, who will retire before July 1 and then have to accept deductions.

Again and again, various experts have already pointed to the lack of intergenerational equity of the pension package. For example, generation researcher is currently criticizing Deutschlandradio Wissen for its tee-off-free pension at 63.

“The pension level for everyone else from the year 1964 will be lower – exactly by this pension package. Most of them do not know that. “

Rolling deadline – the “monster” of the pension with 63?

For a long time SPD and CDU were arguing about the extent to which periods of unemployment should be counted towards the contribution years. The pension package now envisages only counting the receipt of unemployment benefit I for the contribution years. Hartz IV is not considered. The same applies to unemployment in the last two years of employment between 61 and 63. To this end, the Grand Coalition has this Monday on the so-called “rolling cut-off date” agreed. This is to prevent an early retirement wave. But this regulation also considers Bert Rürup questionable. It is unlikely that proven workers aged 61 and over will be taken out of business – especially in view of the recurrent threat of a shortage of skilled workers.

Matthias Birkwald, pension policy spokesman for the Left, called for the abolition of the “rolling monster” before the vote on the pension package in the Bundestag. He also considers it unfair that those people who have been unemployed four times a year during their period of employment must take these times into account, but long-term unemployed people must refrain from paying the abatement-free pension at 63 for four years.

Voices from the EU: Oettinger pleads for a pension of 70

From Brussels in the past were also critical comments on the pension package to hear. EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said in an interview with Wirtschaftswoche in February: “There are no convincing arguments for reversing the pension reform, especially against the background of a rapidly aging society.” In addition, the German pension plans have “negative effects on the sustainability of public finances”. The estimated additional costs caused by the pension package speak for it. They will amount to 60 billion euros by the year 2020, and by 2030 they will even reach 160 billion euros. EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger also criticizes the pension package and pleads for a pension starting from 70.

Alternative to the pension with 63: Flexirente

In principle, however, it is not even certain that all those who can retire at the age of 63 will also take advantage of this opportunity. Some able-bodied working people have continued to work beyond the retirement age for a limited period. Although they did not have to raise any contributions for the statutory pension insurance, the employer was still responsible for his share of the pension and unemployment insurance. The boss of the middle class and economic union Carsten Linnemann (CDU) with the Flexirente now demands the abolishment of this employer portion and a further simplified employment of workers in the retirement age.

Linnemann sees in the introduction of Flexirente the decisive answer “for an aging society,” reports Spiegel Online. Former Federal Labor Minister Norbert Blum also advocates giving workers a free choice: “We do not need a rigid age limit, which dictates to people when working life ends.”

Mother’s pension: expensive for the state – hardly any improvement for the mothers

The criticism of the pension at 63 did not stop until the end. The early retirement-free pension is not even the most expensive item in the pension package. Because the mother’s pension will cost the state 6.7 billion out of a total of about 10 billion euros per year and yet favor only a few older mothers. In addition, the financial benefits for the better off mothers in everyday life will hardly lead to a noticeable relief. One more pension point given to mothers whose children were born before 1992 accounts for around 28 euros in the west and 26 euros a month in the east.


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